Native Plants for Dry & Sunny Locations

We’re already nearing the middle of July and it is HOT pretty much everywhere in the country right now. Lucky for us in the Pacific Northwest, hot means 80 degree days which aren’t so bad. However, the heat can wreck your landscape if you don’t plant according to location.  Here are a few tree and plant suggestions that will fare well in those dry and sunny spots.

The Shore Pine can take a range of soil conditions from dry to wet and sun conditions from full sun to part shade. Often has irregular form, and is darker than a lot of other pine trees. Fits in well with many landscape types.

The Red Flowering Currant is a great showy native northwest shrub, meaning it has dramatic height and the flowers are pretty puffs. Use in the back of a bed or against a fence to allow growth up to 6’ high. Grows better in sun & well drained soil.


Sea Pink (or Thrift) grows well in dry to moist soils in full sun and is drought tolerant. The bright green grass clumps produce a stock with a pink flower that attracts hummingbirds.

Don’t forget that even though these plants are well equipped to stand the heat, they still need water. We can now install RainBird’s Smart Irrigation systems on residential properties which will help keep your plants happy even in these warm temperatures.

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