Utilizing texture & color to create depth

The nice part about landscape design is that you can experiment with texture and color without the commitment of a paint color or furniture piece.  Plants, trees, and groundcover offer different colors and height constrasts that keep the eye moving along.  Here are some unique options to incorporate into your yard.

The Smoke Tree is a small tree/shrub that is available with green or dark purple foliage. The ‘smoke’ name comes from the plumes of flower clusters that can be seen from the distance. The tree offers a range of colors throughout the year, can tolerate most soils, and is easy to care for.

Smoke Tree

Russian Sage silver foliage stands out against greens in the garden due to the light color and haze of purplish blue flowers that bloom in mid to late summer.  As a bonus, Russian Sage is low-maintenance and hardy.

Russian Sage

The Black Mondo Grass is a great border plant offering a color change from all of the other green, blue, and yellow grasses. Groundcover can be a little intimidating because of the reputation for taking over your garden, however the Black Mondo Grass spreads by underground stems to form clumps and is not invasive. This offers a nice contrast to your other perennial flowers.

Black Mondo Grass

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