Creating a modern mountain-esque landscape

Incorporate a mountainside look with a modern touch by utilizing Quaking Aspens, Feather Reed Grass and Lupine.



Feather Reed Grass


Quaking Aspen


Plant Quaking Aspen trees in an open area, and fill the ground cover in with Lupine that will spread to make a northwest meadow of native flowers. By mixing in Feather Reed Grass there will be great contrast and height.

photo: ASLA


Create a modern look by planting Aspen trees & Reed Grass in rows, soften edges or mix in Lupine for more color.

photo: ASLA


All plants will grow well in full sun, Aspen trees produce rustling noise from ‘quaking’ or shaking leaves. Lupine come in a variety of colors including pink, purple, or yellow and Feather Reed is a great vertical ornamental grass that can grow up to 3 to 5 feet tall. Prune Feather Reed Grass to the ground every winter for easy maintenance.


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