Kelly McKenna, Vice President

Started in March of 1993 as a laborer in the maintenance division. He came here to Blue Sky because he was looking for a change in his career path (from designer suits to jeans and rain gear), as well as his love for the outdoors. After dealing with a death in the family, he took a second look at his life & decided it was time to better himself. He took time off from work to be with his family; and rather than return to work, he opened a Day Care business with his wife. This also had stemmed from not being able to find adequate care in the neighborhood for their daughter. He and his wife saw an opportunity to help the community as well as give their children the comfort of being able to have mom at home. Ann and Danny Bowling (VP and Treasurer) were one of their clients back in the day. After the business was up  and going steady, Kelly approached Ann about a job at Blue Sky. Who would  have thought he’d still be here after 20 plus yrs? Before working with Blue Sky, Kelly had a variety of positions throughout the food industry. Most recently, he was employed as a District Manager for the Dairy Queen Corp. for roughly 13 years where he received several awards, including recognition of being a valued asset to the food industry in several magazines for high levels of facility cleanliness and customer service. Aside from his career, Kelly is an extremely family oriented person. He is still married to his childhood sweetheart that he met at the age of 15. He enjoys spending time working in his own yard, bowling, roller-skating, hiking and enjoying life with family and friends.

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