Ann Bowling, Treasurer

Started at Blue Sky Landscape in 1982 as Kevin and his then business partner, Danny Bowling were starting the business out of Danny and Ann’s garage. At the time, Ann was at home with her newborn son, and managed to let Kevin put her to work. She helped by paying bills, ordering and picking up plants. Ann went to school at WSU and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture in 1976. Before accepting her new role with Blue Sky, she worked at Star Nursery & Landscape in Seattle for several years. If you ask Ann what her strengths at work are, she will tell you that it is her adaptability and knowledge of the whole system, both in the field and in the office. Something you may not know about her is that she once hiked 120 mi. around Mt. Rainier with her then fiancé, Danny in 1977. Like the rest of us she’s also a lover of the outdoors (skiing, walking, hiking), in addition to her love of reading and word/number puzzles.

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